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Radically Free!
Quenching the Flames (external link)
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Finally Free Forever
Focus of Prayers (external link)

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Group: God... Who are you?

Steps To Salvation, A Scriptural Outline
Are You A Damaged Person?
Becoming More Like Christ
Face-to-Face With Jesus
Fill In The Blanks
Holy Trinity
Investigate God
Learning from Children
My Special Friend
My Testimony: Finally Free!
Pleasing God, Not Others
Power Players & Thrill Seekers
Responding to God's Love: Contract & Contact
Second Hand Information
Stop Teasing Me
The Best Things In Life Are Free

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Group: Still Struggling?

A Bipolar Christian: Roller Coaster Joy (2005)
A Fresh Start
Are You Commiting Spiritual Suicide?
Blubbering Idiot
Can Hope Survive? (2007)
Crisis Management
Feeling Inadequate? Let's Do Something About It!
Include God In Your Plans
Listen To The Quiet (2006)
Love As A Motivator
Mistake Preventer/Mistake Eraser
Rose Garden
Security Blanket
Suffering, Hurting, Helping (2005)
Worry and Pain

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Group: Spiritual Growth

A Lesson In Grace (Unmerited Favor)
All For One And One For All: Jesus Is The One
Appreciate Your Blessings
Be Captivating!
Be More Confident Of Your Salvation
Dead As A Doornail
Don't Make Faces At God
Enable For Growth
Encourage One Another
Feel The Heat!
God's Job Jar
One Nation, Under God?
Sin and Forgiveness
Spirit Meets Flesh (2005)
Spiritual Revival
Sunday School Awareness Campaign
The White Glove Test
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Tiger In My Tank: His Wonderful Light
Your Prayers Make A Difference

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Group: A Higher Calling

And The Truth Will Set You Free!
Advice From Grandpa
Beyond Intimidation
Chris Crossed: Sinners, Wild & Mild
Discover Your Identity within the Body of Christ
       (Seek Out, Soak Up, and Send Out)
Gift Giving (And Receiving)
God Made It Easy (2005)
I'll Fly Away
Leaders, Followers, Choices (Names of God) (2005)
Let Joy Lead The Way (2004)
Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Brother
Maintain Momentum In Ministry (2005)
Ministries In The Making
One Step Further/One Step Closer
Resurrection Power: Don’t Look Back! (2005)
Righteous Living
Pass The Salt Shaker, Please!
Selfishness: The Road To Neglect And Deterioration
Serving In The Spirit
Sin: Why All The Confusion? (2002)
The Call To Persevere
Thy Will Be Done
Walking-on-Water Faith

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Group: Men, Women, Seasonal

Men: Take The Lead!
Praying Hands -- A Support System For Men
Receiving Spiritual Gifts Like A Child (2004)
Small Group Ministries For Men

Bridal Gown
Oh No! Here Comes The Tears Again!
It Doesn't Count If I Have To Tell You

The Psychology Of Easter (Let the Healing Begin)

A Time Of Thanksgiving
A Walk In The Woods
God Uses Imperfect People

Mercy For Christmas
Our Cry For Help: Breathe On Us
Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men
Surprise Party! God's Gracious Invitation
Those Holiday Blues
What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Gift Of Time
In 2006, Dig A Little Deeper Into The Mind Of Christ. (2005)
New Year Resolutions
This Year: New Expectations

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Group: Fellowship & Witnessing

One Of The Family
Relying On God (And Others)
Starting All Over Again
Storehouse Of Blessings
Thank God For Faithful Friends (Php 1:3-11)
Unity, At Any Cost?

Ambassadors For Christ
Bridge Across The River
Don't Just Tell Them... Show Them!
Doubts and Concerns
Enough Love For Everyone
Helping Others Fit In
Is Witnessing A Formula?
Just Show Me You Care
Let Me Pick Your Brain For A Moment
No. 150
Reaching Out In Christian Love

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Welcome! We're Glad You're Here!
A Prayer And An Answer
Ouija Board
Stop Running From God... It's Time To Come Home
Playtime (2003)
Perhaps Another Day (2003)
My Guardian Angel (No Escape In Sight) (2003)
An Assembly I Visit (2006)

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