Welcome! We're Glad You're Here!

You're among friends here,
        Surfing this site is time well spent.
You'll find encouragement and wisdom here,
        And a great place to vent.

We don't have all the answers,
        This much is true.
But sometimes you don't need justification,
        Just someone who believes in you.

Don't worry about covering your tracks,
        You're days of hiding will come to a halt.
When you stop believing lies,
        And accept that it isn't your fault.

You've been on our minds,
        We're thinking of you once more.
We wanted you to know we care,
        That's what this note is for.

We have a little message for you today,
        Although there's much more we could say.
When you've been wandering for so long,
        It takes some time to find your way.

Demands and expectations can drain us,
        They can make our strength run dry.
They wear on our emotions,
        Until we just sit and cry.

Everything seems to get us down,
        When we don't feel up to par.
We wish we could tell you when things will get better,
        But our eyes and our hearts cannot see that far.

As you recover,
        Things will fall into place.
But just relax and get your rest now,
        Forget about the rat race.

So just be patient,
        Give your spirit time to mend.
Don't push yourself too hard for a while.
        Be your own best friend.

Soon you will be confidant,
        Your future will be bright.
You will be much better equipped,
        To fight the good fight.

You'll be up to the challenge,
        You'll be able to cope.
You'll be ready to face life,
        With a great deal of hope!

Welcome! We're glad you're here!

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