Stop Running From God... It's Time To Come Home

Table of Contents


Runaway, Runaway, Come Home Today

Looking For Love

Whom Do You Call Friend?

Your Turn To Serve

That Sweet Whispering In My Soul

Chapter I


All of us have felt like running away at some time in our lives. Most of us have never physically run away, as in the first poem. However, we have all run away from situations and problems, both spiritually and emotionally.

We have all felt the pressures of strained or failed relationships, struggles at school or work, and the day-to-day battles caused by Satan tempting us to take the easy way and to run away from our responsibilities to God.

These poems explore the process of overcoming problems by learning to reach out to God and to others for help, and, in turn, reaching out to others to help them. The five poems follow the following progression.

You run away from the problems in your life.

You realize there may be a solution to the problems in your life.

You search for that solution.

You accept that solution into your life and do something with the solution.

You are never standing still. You are either walking toward the Lord or away from the Lord. The final poem is about continuing to walk toward the Lord.

Chapter II

Runaway, Runaway, Come Home Today

Runaway, runaway, so far from home.
Runaway, runaway, why did you roam?
Leaving family and friends, so far behind.
What pain's in your heart, what torments your mind?

Looking back, you say you can't be
    bothered with school.
It's just too much hassle,
    so you break every rule.
You worry about your looks,
    you're too fat or you're too thin.
You have to wear the right clothes,
    or you just don't fit in.

You say all your friends tell you
    how to talk and how to act.
You must do what they say,
    or be left open to attack.
Now they're experimenting with
    sex, booze, and drugs.
Your needs are much simpler,
    you'd settle for some hugs.

Your parents have noticed
     the ways that you've changed.
You're acting much differently,
    your priorities are rearranged.
You used to be more open,
    you had fun at each family event.
Now you lock yourself in your room,
    that's how your time is spent.

You didn't want it turn out this way,
    you just want to belong.
You want to do the right things,
    but you are not always that strong.
You would like some help from your parents,
    if only they would try.
Maybe they do try,
    but you are afraid to let them know that you cry.

You get into a big fight over
    what's wrong with your life.
You tell them you're tired
    of all their grief and their strife.
They tell you you'll do as they say,
    as long as you're living under their roof.
You say you're old enough to know what you're doing,
    and you'll show them the proof.

For the first time in your life,
    you're out on your own.
You didn't think it would be so hard,
    if only you'd known.
Everything that you try,
    just seems to fail.
You'd better be careful,
    or you'll end up in jail.

You need a quick escape,
    so you pop another pill in your mouth.
You lose your sense of direction,
    which way is north or south?
The room starts spinning,
    you hit the floor.
Your eyes go shut,
    you're unconscious once more.

Your eyes open slowly,
    the room's brighter than before.
A small light is twinkling over you,
    since you're still on the floor.
The light spins around your head,
    faster, faster, until,
like a hypnotic trance,
    it's drained all your will.

Your burden seems much lighter,
    your body is relaxed.
Your mind seems so much freer,
    there are no questions to be asked.
Your thoughts start to lift upward,
    there are no concerns on your mind.
Your spirit is floating upward,
    leaving your body behind.

As you rise higher,
    the buildings seem so small.
Until you are so high,
    you see no buildings at all.
You can't see the Earth now,
    all memories to erase.
You're finally free now,
    as you drift into space.

You see all the universe,
    everything produces great light.
Comets and meteors speed past you,
    every object seems so bright.
You're seeing new colors,
    everything is a new sight or new sound.
Nothing was ever like this,
    back on the ground.

Maybe you've watched too many weird movies,
    ideas pop into your head.
Maybe you're in Heaven,
    maybe you're dead.
Maybe you never really
    belonged on this Earth.
You try to send out a message,
    for whatever it's worth.

Maybe you do belong elsewhere,
    you came from some distant star.
Maybe you're not even human,
    you don't know what you are.
If you think hard enough,
    someone will hear your call for aid.
They'll send a spaceship,
    to return you to where you were made.

You wait and you watch,
    but no spaceship has come.
Stood up in space,
    that makes you feel numb.
The Earth seems much closer,
    the dream starts to fade.
As the buildings get larger,
    you return to the life you have made.

You can't escape your problems,
    there's no place to run.
You've tried fleeing from home,
    you've even flown past the sun.
There's no place that seems safe,
    there's no place to hide.
There's no free meal ticket,
    there's no free ride.

You don't have any answers,
    you can't remember the questions anymore.
The only hope you can hold on to,
    lies at your parent's front door.
You don't know if they can forgive you,
    for being one of life's fools.
But now you're ready to say you're sorry,
    and to live by their rules.

You sell what you have,
    for the bus ticket back to your home town.
You get off the bus late at night,
    weary and down.
You're close to home,
    but afraid to walk down your old street.
It seems rather scary,
    what ghosts will you meet?

You'd just like some signal,
    some little sign.
To show if you might make it,
    if you're going to be fine.
As you see your house,
    you know you'll be okay.
Your parents left the lights on,
    just to guide your way!

Runaway, runaway, come home today.
    Runaway, runaway, come home to stay.
I know it won't be easy,
    I can't give you the right words to say.
But I know you and your parents can make it,
    if you can just meet each other half way!

Chapter III


When you look into the sky,
Do you ever moan and sigh?
Do you ask of God above,
Why can't I always feel Your love?

When you look around the room,
and there's no one to relieve your gloom,
Do you sometimes sit and stare?
Do you wonder why people just don't care?

God has made this promise to you:
You don't always need to feel blue.
For if you wear Christ's thorny crown,
He will lift your spirit up off the ground!

When you need to feel love grow,
but you have no place to go,
You'd like to learn to count on man,
but that's not always part of the plan.

You've asked the Lord your needs to meet,
You just need help to get back on your feet.
It's time to take your heart off of the shelf.
God will help you, but you have to help yourself.

Don't think that God isn't there.
Don't think that others just don't care.
For when you relax and clear your mind,
just search your heart and love you will find.

Always remember to search your heart.
It's just the right place for you to start.
I tell you this because it is true.
I tell you this because I love you.

When you search your heart you will know,
God is right there because He loves you so.
And do believe that other people care,
for their prayers also put God's love there!

Chapter IV

Whom Do You Call Friend?

When I looked into your eyes,
I was filled with wonder and surprise.
Could it be, at long last,
I'd find release from my troubled past?

When you took me by the hand,
I think it was then I began to understand.
God's love is precious, man's love is rare,
For any love to grow, that love you must share.

Have you ever awoken from a dream,
full of fear, and wanting to scream?
Did you long to be held in someone's arms so tight?
Maybe he could protect you from the monster's fright.

Have you ever been full of sorrow,
     full of grief?
You want to tell someone,
    but you must be brief.
Before you find the courage,
    the right words to say,
Too late, they're in a hurry,
    they are already on their way.

If you bring this up later,
    it was your fault you will find.
They didn't know you were hurting,
    they can't read your mind.
You thought if they loved you,
    they would have stayed.
It doesn't count if you have to tell them,
    that's the game you've just played.

Somehow your courage,
    you've managed to save.
    you do finally get brave.
You tell someone you're hurting,
    but what can you do?
He can't help you either,
    for he's hurting, too.

You'd both like to learn how to help each other.
You both need a friend, you both need a brother.
But life hasn't taught you what you needed to know.
Seek Christ as the example, Whose love you can show.

If we live by man's rituals,
    and by man's rules,
Does that mean we're simple,
    does that mean we're fools?
If we're so busy,
    playing man's games today,
When will we find time,
    to follow what God has to say?

So when you see Christ's love,
    shining in someone's eyes,
Take him by the hand,
    and catch him by surprise.
Smile at him,
    and look him straight in the eye.
Show him you care,
    saying, "God loves you and so do I!"

God's message is so simple,
    God's love is so clear.
We are to love Him,
    we are to hold Him dear.
Since Christ has saved us,
    from sin and from shame,
We must tell others,
    so they will know the same!

It's not hard to respond to love,
    that you've sensed at a glance.
You can guess that it's safe,
    there's not too much to chance.
God loves you so much,
    He wants you to be your best,
Now here is your mark,
    now here is your test.

When next you see someone lonely and scared,
With whom Christ's love has never been shared,
Will you wonder what he might think,
If you offer his thirsty soul a sweet drink?

Can you take a chance at being one of Christ's fools?
Do you dare not to follow all of man's rules?
For if you can reach out to that poor soul,
You will find that your own life can finally be whole!

Chapter V

Your Turn To Serve

Happiness is that pleasant feeling inside,
When you find success in the things you have tried.
When things go just right,
    it can be quite a blast.
Happiness is fine,
    but the feeling doesn't always last.

Real joy comes through faith, hope, and love.
It comes from trusting the Father above.
It comes with peace through the Holy Ghost.
It comes while longing to be like Jesus the most.

Joy is lasting, it doesn't change like the weather.
As long as you and God make all your plans together.
I do wish you could be happy each day.
But joy in your life, that is for what I pray.

Some have tried to design a strategy,
    as clever as can be.
A simple formula for joy,
    as easy as one, two, three.
One: read your Bible daily,
    Two: pray to keep yourself strong,
And Three: go to Church,
    and give God praises through song.

But God doesn't want you to be,
    a machine or a robot.
Memorized prayers or forced love,
    He has never sought.
He is the Father,
    looking for children to hold.
Christ paid the price at the cross,
    and He has marked you sold.

As a child looks to his father,
    to show him the way,
So look to God,
    to teach you what to do and to say.
The Holy Spirit will lead you,
    to what is true.
And all along the way,
    Jesus will be walking right beside you.

The Holy Spirit will fill you,
    with such joy and such love.
A light will shine from your spirit,
    revealing a dove.
The dove will make many stops during his flight.
But, be assured, he will never leave your sight.

The dove will find some special places to rest.
    And where he decides to stop, he surely knows best.
The dove will lead you to others,
    so they too can know.
You are to tell them,
that God loves them so!

Don't be compelled to do the Lord's work,
    just to keep up with the crowd.
If you want to be noticed,
    you don't have to be loud.
The ways in which you may serve the Lord
    are many, you see.
The ways are as special,
    as you and me!

If you walk through just any old door,
Your work for the Lord will seem like a chore.
But if you are led through a door by that dove,
Your work will be joyous, like a labor of love!

Chapter VI

That Sweet Whispering In My Soul

Oh, how I cherish,
    that sweet voice from within,
that tells me how to start,
    which way to begin.
It teaches me, guides me,
    and comforts me, too.
It strengthens and encourages me,
    so I can do the same for you!

Sometimes I have a problem,
    and I don't know what is best.
That voice whispers to me,
    and a wise solution does suggest.
It doesn't lecture me,
    on what's right or what's wrong.
It just points out plainly,
    what I need to be strong.

Sometimes when I'm hurting,
    and the pain is too great,
I'm sure I'm all alone,
    and no one else could relate.
Even then,
    that voice knows just what to do.
My voice speaks to your voice,
    then your voice speaks to you.

It seems like a miracle,
    the words you have said.
Even more so,
    the time at which you were led,
to say and to do,
    just what I need,
because the whisperings of your own voice,
    you did heed.

*If you would like,
    that voice I'll explain.
It's not in my head,
    it's not in my brain.
I'll take you on a journey,
    so very deep inside.
When the journey is over,
    we'll have nothing to hide.

Try to relax,
    just clear your mind.
Try not to think
    of your daily grind.
It's not hard to let go
    of a world ruled by whim.
Don't be afraid,
    and that voice will draw you to him.

At first it seems quite dark,
    like a great void.
You may be perplexed,
    or even annoyed.
Don't be impatient,
    you're not trying to win a game.
For when you let the voice lead,
    you will discover from whence he came.

Out of the darkness,
    the voice you will hear.
Out of the darkness,
    an image will appear.
Just keep waiting and watching,
    there's no cause for alarm.
Just keep drawing closer,
    it will do you no harm.

You see a gentle old man,
    slowly rocking in a chair.
Now what do you suppose
    he could be doing there?
He is patiently gazing
    through three open doors.
When you realize his purpose,
    your spirit suddenly soars!

Look through the first door,
    it leads to your mind.
Your intelligence and reasoning
    are what you will find.
Look through the second door,
    where your body stands.
It's your physical representation,
    that does what your mind commands.

Look through the last door,
    and see what makes you whole.
It is your heart,
    it is your soul.
Each of these three parts,
    make you a man.
Mind, body, and soul,
    that is the plan.

The old man studies
    each part of your being.
Carefully evaluating
    all he is seeing.
He knows just what
    each door does represent.
He balances the three parts,
    that is the mission on which he is sent.

Watch that old man,
    and you'll get a surprise.
You'll see something familiar,
    in his kind eyes.
The longer you watch him,
    the more it is true.
Slowly, he's changing,
    until he looks just like you!

The old man should know you,
    that stands to reason.
He's watched since before you were born,
    and through every season.
He knows your every hope,
    every dream, every fear.
He remembers everything,
    that's happened to you each year.

He knows even more
    than you might think.
He knows what you need,
    as quick as a blink.
You don't have to tell him,
    about what you're concerned.
He knows all about you,
    even things you haven't learned.

Since he knows you so well,
    he knows what you need.
He knows your body and soul,
    and your mind he can read.
Watch him again,
    and he's changing once more.
**He's becoming just what you need,
    and he'll deliver it through just the right door!

The old man will help you
    in any way that he can.
He will work inside you,
    to make you a complete man.
But he also has a phone
    on which he calls,
other people when you need help,
    from outside your four walls.

And when that old man is doing his best,
He knows that your aching soul needs a sweet rest.
He calls to the Father in Heaven above,
and asks Him to send you His saving love!

Don't think it's strange
    that there's a man living in you so deep.
Just be thankful
    for the many benefits you do reap.
That old man is not
    just some peculiar sensation.
He is the Holy Spirit,
    not your imagination!

The Bible says the Lord God
    created man in His image, in His likeness.
I don't know if that means we look like God,
    that's not for me to guess.
Mind, body, and soul are the three parts of our being,
    just as I have said.
You will know that God, too, has three parts,
    if the Bible you have read.

God, like the mind, magnified exceedingly,
    determines the will.
Jesus, like the body, is God's physical
    God's will to fulfill.
The Holy Spirit, like the soul,
    is God's final part.
The Holy Spirit is part of God and Jesus,
    and the Holy Spirit also lives in my heart!

* I am not encouraging this type of meditation.
  The "journey" is a figurative description, not a
  guideline for seeking insight.

**The Holy Spirit does not change to cater to our
  needs. God is constant and unchanging.
  But as we grow and mature, we see God
  differently than we did when we were unsaved.
  We are to be conformed to the image of Christ.

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