Ouija Board

You hope to survive the struggle within.
You try to live a good life, not yielding to sin.
You long for the peace that seems out of reach.
You look for the love that Christians do preach.

You've been told that trials can help you to grow.
Somehow, you wish you could believe it is so.
But as one struggle ends, another struggle will start,
dashing your dreams, and tearing at your heart.

Do you ever wonder,
     do you ask questions of God?
Do you ever ask,
     what is the purpose of this path you have trod?
You wonder, what is God's reason for this,
     what has He planned?
In this great world,
     are you just another speck of sand?

Satan will try to trick you,
     for he is a master at deceiving.
You will think you can be a god,
     he will have you believing.
He will sell you the secrets of tomorrow,
     so that your future you might control.
But you must pay a price for that knowledge,
     and that price will be your soul!

Ouija board, Oujia board, there on the floor.
What dark, evil forces call to me once more?
Worse than a drug, like some great addiction,
you're ruining my life, causing pain and affliction.

At first you seemed so innocent,
     like a harmless parlor game.
But now that you've taken hold of me,
     I know I will never be the same.
I was willing to let you influence me,
     you didn't twist my arm too hard.
You promised me some answers,
     like a seance, a medium, or a tarot card.

How do you know how to fuel all my fires?
You promise a way to achieve my greatest desires.
You also know my greatest weaknesses,
     on them you can feed.
You use my fears against me,
     then watch my soul bleed.

Just as a trap, that has been set,
you promise that soon all my wishes will be met.
But your promises are really,
     trickery, deception, and lies.
So you draw my attention to my own shortcomings,
     your own evil to disguise.

If only I had known the truth,
     about that Ouija board.
I might have refused it,
     by asking help from the Lord.
The difference between God and the board,
     is now so clear.
I will tell you the truth,
     that is quite dear.

When Satan offers you all that you want,
     he has tricked you with that board.
For your wants continue to grow, and can never be met,
     you are Satan's slave now, and he is your lord.
Jesus offers you just what you need,
     what is best for your soul.
Only by responding to Jesus' great love,
     can you ever be whole!

When you face struggles,
     just realize this,
that you must not worry,
     about what secrets you might miss.
Don't make ending the struggle your only goal,
     take a new stand.
Reach out for Christ's hand,
     to pull you from sin's quicksand.

Don't allow your heart,
     to keep searching tomorrow,
to find quick, easy answers,
     to all of your sorrow.
Thank God for your struggles,
     that you face each day.
For during your struggles,
     Christ will be carrying you all the way!

I will ask you this question,
     then I will leave it up to you.
Given this choice,
     what would you do?
Would you rather face a life without God,
     and have no choices to make?
Or would you rather face a new challenge,
     knowing Jesus will be beside you,
          each step that you take?

So if you are looking for answers,
     in your life today,
go to Church, read the Bible daily,
     and take time to pray.
There is a saying that trying to live your life,
     one day at a time is quite smart.
Instead, try to live your life one page at a time,
     by applying the Bible to your life,
          and by taking God's Word to heart!

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