My Guardian Angel
(No Escape In Sight)

This poem is what some people refer to as a modern Psalm. Just as the book in the Bible presents a story and its associated truths, this poem tells a story from a perspective and wording that modern man can relate to.

I wrote the following modern psalm to express exactly what many, many people are quietly going through every day. They need to grasp the ending as I have written it to give them hope to get through this whole mess here on earth. But, just as in the original Psalms, the hope found in modern Psalms is still found only in Christ Jesus.

This poem depicts violent situations that may be too intense or disturbing for some readers.

I have my own Guardian Angel, but not even it seems to care.
As I lie here sleepless, crushed by my despair.
I can go on no longer, I can't go on this way.
I need a break from this insanity, if only for a day.

I flee across the field
panting, terror, scared rabbit
He is right behind me
relentless, pursuing, hunter
I ask the ground to open up
gaping, swallowing, me
He says he just can't let this be
delights, chasing, prey
As the earthquake comes
trembling, shifting, chasm
He looks into the earth and calms the plates
evil, raping, me

I look into the sky
beauty, blue, open wide
He still follows
ugly, black, closing in
I ask for lightning to strike me
rumbling, flashing, BOOM!
He says the chase, his fun cannot end
triumph, victory, always his
As the sky grows dark and the lightning charges
light fading, enveloping darkness, hope almost gone
He controls even the sky, a tornado he creates
destruction, mayhem, parents' home gone

The pursuit transitions into a building
cold, dark, without soul
Of course you know he's with me
endless, mindless, hate
I ask the walls to cave in, the roof to tumble down
noise, confusion, resolution
He says that's just too easy fool
laughing, mocking, no surprise
Bricks and mortar start to fly
dust, crashing, death
He transports the two of us back to the field
building collapses, people die, all my fault

I asked for safety, freedom, purity,
a chance to be a kid.
I scream, I cry, I yell!
Instead, I was sent to Hell.

My God, this can't go on, I surrender all my will.
Then my Guardian Angel appears, deliverance at last.
But my angel is no match for pure evil.
Satan rapes my angel, all hope is gone.

Then I finally realized,
Hell was still so far away.
I had my break from this insanity.
My angel took my place that day.

My angel was really Christ.
He was more than a match for pure evil.
Christ was a willing sacrifice.

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