An Assembly I Visit

Thank you for welcoming me, into your midst.
There is certainly something here, we cannot resist.
Something has started, you canít imagine what.
And once this door is opened, it cannot be shut.

Donít think for a moment, I am going to be.
Like the others, the leaders, who came before me.
Those who would conjure, some lofty dream.
And were even likely, to promise most anything.

They were looking for power, pretending to lead.
Drawing you into darkness, they fed on your need.
But didnít you notice, how they never truly led?
They pushed you from behind, covering their head.

You took all the risk, when the enemy fired its shots.
You drew the first arrows, defeated by dark plots.
They offered no compassion, you saw their cold glares.
You are their shield and sustainer, safety is theirs.

Yes, itís true, they battered your soul.
I see the cost, I can measure its great toll.
Since you will not deal, with your own pain.
Your indecision has given, to me free reign.

When I first entered, into your midst.
I satÖ and I thoughtÖ and I made my list.
You say you donít know, what you should do?
Well, thenÖ let Godís Spirit reveal it to you!

Godís love enfolds you, this evil can no longer remain.
I am here to help you, I see the track, I see the train.
Will I be the conductor, just sit in the caboose?
I mend broken ties, I bring the hangmanís noose.

I spotted, I found out, the bad one in the bunch.
Godís power is quick, to deliver the one-two punch.
You think Iím your deliverance, so new and anticipated.
But your champion came before me, silent as he waited.

The despoiler comes forward, sounding the battle cry.
But your defender is hidden, as time rushes by.
You canít name your helper, youíre not that aware.
Heíd gladly come forward, if youíd back him with prayer.

I see two opponents, one pure, one defiled.
The battle seems decided, the brutal over the mild.
Iíve uncovered the enemy, how heís had his day.
The tide is now turning, hereís what innocence must say.

Should I stand here, call down fire from above?
Should I speak, expounding on Godís great love?
What will I do, what action should I take?
I worry. Oh, no. Not me. What if I make a mistake?

Now Iíve shown you the thoughts, of evil and pure alike.
My time is running short, Iíll just unplug the dike.
Iím not here for parlor tricks, no time to play games.
On to the challenge, on past kids calling names.

Where does this come from, just look to the tree.
I walk down the aisles, sensing things you canít see.
No need to point out the evil one, his smile is fading fast.
As for your champion, is it you, or will I walk on past?

I point out your champion, here all along.
Donít be surprised, heís bold and heís strong.
You always thought, he was too quiet and too shy.
Thatís the work of the devil, you believed his great lie.

The evil one you exalted, you made him king of the hill.
I knock down that mound, hereís a level playing field.
All the spells of delusion, now disappear.
Behold your champion, his moment is here.

In prayer heís now bathed, my hands on his shoulders.
This isnít just on paper, we can smash through great boulders.
We grind into pebbles, the walls that divide.
The enemy in shock, his mouth opens wide.

This prayer is the turning point, thereís no turning back.
Your champion now empowered, youíre right back on track.
He takes on the task, which God does ordain.
The ties are now mended, and on goes your train.

Your champion, now dauntless, jumps up from his pew.
Ready for battle, he knows what he must do.
Itís all coming together, donít be alarmed.
Heís quite well equipped, heís now fully armed.

The evil tries in vain, to make one final attack.
Maybe some deception, can bring his power back.
Before heís tried flattery, and subtle disguise.
But now heís out for blood, thereís fire in his eyes!

So now that your champion, has risen up to fight.
Thereís no more delaying, itís over this night.
Evil cannot escape, back into the throng.
Banished from Godís house, with a great joyful song!

No longer your church, this demon will taint.
We knocked down a devil, we raised up a saint.
You know that Godís Spirit, has been our good host.
All this has happened, by and through the Holy Ghost!

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