Bipolar & Mental Health Support

A Bipolar Christian: Roller Coaster Joy (2005)… an article about the disruptive effects... the role of grace... and fighting the feeling that being bipolar is a sin, a crime against society

Bipolar Tag... an in-depth discussion of some of the thoughts and feelings of a bipolar person. This is a page at my (2007) mini site. (external link)

God Made It Easy (2005)… when God took care of the details in times of uncertainty

Radically Free! Quenching the Flames (2005) is my mini site that speaks to broken spirits who question their salvation and seek freedom from condemnation and spiritual oppression. (external link)

Articles of Hope

My Special Friend… Jesus provides both strength and comfort.

My Testimony: Finally Free!… when sin can no longer claim you

Walking-on-Water Faith... miracles, a time and place for everything

Can Hope Survive? (2007)... Hope is a reality, not just a fantasy.

Poem of Rest

Perhaps Another Day (2003)

Extended Articles

Sin: Why All The Confusion? (2002)... Is this a big sin or a little sin?

Resurrection Power: Don’t Look Back! (2005)... Let go of childhood abuse.

And The Truth Will Set You Free!… We need to know the truths found in the Bible, for the truth will set us free. Jesus is the source of that truth.

Receiving Spiritual Gifts Like A Child (2004)... expressing yourself honestly, without fear

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