Christmas Article: What Does Christmas Mean To You?

At the end of each year, we begin a series of traditions. We celebrate Christmas. We make our New Year's resolutions. But long before Easter arrives, we have forgotten our New Year's resolutions. Why is this? Maybe we need to examine when and how we make our resolutions.

It is easy to be filled with joy and think that we are God's children during the Christmas season. It is easy to think of the Christ child, or any child, and get a warm feeling inside. We are naturally attracted to children because they are so innocent and adorable.

But looking ahead to Easter, how attracted are we to the image of Christ's broken body on the cross? How easy is it to get a warm feeling inside while witnessing Christ's suffering? Christmas means CHRIST: Made A Sacrifice for us.

If we were to make eye contact with Christ on the cross, our reaction would tell the tale of what Christmas has meant to us. For those who see love and forgiveness in Christ's eyes, Christmas has meant CHRIST: Master And Saviour. For those who turn their heads away in shame, Christmas has meant CHRIST: Merely A Symbol.

It is not enough for Christ to be a symbol of what we desire from God: His good gifts and salvation. We must also allow Christ to be our Lord (Master) AND our Saviour.

Instead of making New Year's resolutions that you probably won't keep, why not make a permanent commitment to God instead? Come to Sunday School to learn more about how Christ should be your Lord and Saviour.

Perhaps we should make commitments right now in anticipation of Christmas, Easter, and the second coming of Jesus. Jesus was born, He died, He was resurrected, and He's coming back someday. Don't put off making a commitment to God too long. And don't wait too long to follow through on that commitment. When Jesus returns, it won't matter what you intended to do tomorrow. All that will matter is what commitments you did follow through on today.

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