Thanksgiving Article: God Uses Imperfect People

Thanksgiving is upon us once more. I am thankful for God's love and His mercy. I am thankful that He uses imperfect people like me. It is a fact that most of us set our goals in life too low. This usually isn't from being lazy as much as it is from not having enough confidence in ourselves.

We think that we aren't good enough to try to accomplish bigger and better goals. We worry about what is lacking in us, instead of capitalizing on what good qualities we do possess. We worry about what we have done wrong in the past, instead of planning for what we could do right in the future. We worry about what people will think or say if we do or don't do this or that.

Hey, you! Wake up! Isn't it time we got our minds off ourselves and onto God? Quit concentrating on what you CAN'T do and start concentrating on what God CAN do. We have limitations, but God does not.

We cannot give up (or even fail to try at all) when our fear of failure paralyzes us. If it were left up to our abilities alone, nothing would be ever be accomplished. And if it were left up to God alone, even then nothing would be accomplished. Why? Because God wants to accomplish His will through you and through me. He does not want to wave a magic wand and make everything just fall into place.

God has a plan. He has certain goals that He wants to be accomplished according to His will. And we are part of His plan. We are the agents in His plan to do His work by functioning as His hands, His feet, His eyes, His mouth, etc. It does not matter how inadequate we think we are. When God tells us to do something, He will provide all the resources necessary to accomplish His will.

I am thankful to have the privilege and the responsibility of being a part of God's plan. What about you? Do you feel that you have anything for which to thank God? Only through studying the Bible can we understand God's promises, His abilities, and His love for us. Come to Sunday School to learn more about God's promises and learn how to be thankful. Don't worry about having confidence in yourself. Instead, have confidence in God and you will find a lot more for which to be thankful.

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