Thanksgiving Article: A Walk In The Woods

Some people go through life with no purpose or direction, wandering aimlessly down one path and then another. They are lost. They are like a small child hopelessly trapped in the woods. They are groping in the dark, desperately searching for an escape from their dimly lit world. Where is the way out? Where is the light? Will they ever find the way to the light?

It is important for Christians to spread the Good News about Jesus. A kind word from us and our example of Christ's love may be the only hope or light cast into the dark world of some people. Jesus is a beacon of light, ready to illuminate their world, ready to bring hope and light where there was once only darkness and despair.

But someone has to carry Jesus' light into their dark world. Someone must lead the lost souls from the woods into the clearing, where there is light. Who is there to do this task? No one but the workers of the Lord. No one but you and me.

And once a soul has been led into the clearing and into the light, our work is still not done. When entering our church, a person will be leaving his old, dark woods and may be entering a new kind of woods. Look at the trees on the Thanksgiving bulletin board. (Everyone wrote on the leaves of those trees for what they were thankful.) Do you see the leaves? Do you see the trees? Do you see the woods?

You and I can look at the leaves on the trees and reflect on happy memories. We can see how the trees have grown and flourished over the past year. We can see a place to fit in, a place where we belong. A place where we are rooted.

But what does a person who has just come out of the dark woods see? His world may be brighter now, but is it any less confusing? He has a new set of options available to him, but he still has many choices to make. He will still go through life with no purpose or direction, unless someone continues to lead him toward the light. Someone must help him make his choices by training him for his new, brighter world. Who is there to do this task? No one but the workers of the Lord. No one but you and me.

Christians must understand the light found in Jesus to be equipped to lead others to that light. Where can we go to learn more about the light? And where can new Christians go to learn about God's plans, so that they can make the right choices necessary to grow in God's world? The answer to both of these questions is Sunday School.

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