New Year Article: This Year: New Expectations

I have new expectations for this coming year. I wish to start this year differently. Instead of saying what I hope to teach you in the coming year, I wish to share with you what others have taught me this past year. I wish to honor my friends and family by dedicating this article to them.

We need to learn to express Christ's love more fully and more freely. You may be thinking, "But, I am just not an emotional person. I consider myself to be a nice person. But God did not create me to be a loving, caring person." If you doubt that you hold Christ's love in your heart for other people, perhaps you need to examine your life. We are God's children. (Rom 8:14-17) God has placed in us His spirit: His Spirit of love. And Christ lives in us. (Gal 2:20)

Is there really no love in your heart? Or have you slammed the door to your heart shut to protect yourself? When you close the door to your heart to block out pain, you also block out any love that people offer you. Open your heart to let God's love out to help others, and God's love from other people will be able to come into your heart to help you.

Do something for someone because he is unable to get it done himself. Teach someone something he needs to know. Give someone something he needs, something you made, or something that was yours. Try kind and encouraging words, cards, or letters. Try a hug or saying, "I love you." All this means one thing: giving people your time. And since time is at a premium for most people, it is critical that you give people your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION when you are with them. Sometimes just listening is the greatest expression of love.

Now you may be thinking, "I am eager to try, but I am afraid if I try to be expressive, I may sound phony or artificial." If you want to sound genuine and sincere (even believable), then you must determine what is most precious to you in life. What are your treasures? What is important to you? What do you cherish? In other words, what is closest to your heart? No matter which way you choose to express Christ's love, as long as you share what is most precious to you with others, you will always sound believable. And genuine. And sincere. I hope you have new expectations for the coming year. Expect to be a more loving, caring person!

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