New Year Article: Gift Of Time

Looking back on the past year, can I really say that I have given this church that much? Yes. And No. I have to realize that any love or concern I have shown someone, I was just passing along. That love did not originate with me. I did not create it. God did. The same is true for any wisdom or understanding I have imparted. I did not create any ideas; the Holy Spirit led me to them. I am not an author; I am merely a secretary of God.

Well, if I can't take credit for giving people love or understanding, what is left for me to call my own? My time. God gives us a certain amount of time. We can use this time any way we choose: either wisely or foolishly. I have given people the most precious thing I have to offer: my time.

What do I need to start the new year off right? Since every good gift belongs to (and comes from) God, time is really all that we have to give each other. I would like for you to give me your time. I could use the gift of your time to make the upcoming year my most joyous and fruitful year yet. But instead of actually giving your time to me, I would like you to give your time back to God. That is my wish for the new year.

When we try to give ourselves to God, we first think of what we should do for God. And then we worry about finding the time later. (That is assuming we even get past the point of deciding what to do.) Consider a different approach.

Pray about the use of your time. Tell God that you are making a commitment to give Him a certain amount of extra time. This could be 10 extra minutes (or 30 extra minutes) a day. Or you could just say an extra two hours a week. Tell God you are making the time available for His use, beginning immediately. Ask God to show you how to use that time wisely, according to His will. He may tell you to start attending Sunday School or Wednesday Night Bible Study. He may tell you to use the extra time in prayer, in Bible study, or telling your friends and neighbors about Jesus. But He will tell you something.

Give your time to God now and forever. You will find that the more you give, the more you will be blessed and the more time you will want to give.

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