Thanksgiving Article: A Time Of Thanksgiving

I am thankful for Jesus, for friends, and for Heaven. In Sunday School, Brother Con talked about our relationships with God and with other people. He talked about how difficult it can be for people to communicate and how difficult it can be for people to meet each other's needs.

I have a very close relationship with Jesus. And Jesus is perfect. So, I guess you could say that I have a perfect relationship with Jesus. (Except for the fact that I am not perfect!) Because I have such a close relationship with a perfect being (Jesus), I sometimes expect my relationships with other people to be just as perfect. But we live in a fallen world, and that just is not possible. (Although I am still going to keep on trying!)

Since Heaven will be perfect, I am looking forward to perfect relationships there. When we get to Heaven, I have "dibs" on certain people for ONE THOUSAND YEARS! I am not being selfish or greedy by hogging those people for so long. There will be plenty of time to go around for everyone!

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