Men: Take The Lead!

You may be involved in an activity because you enjoy it or receive a good feeling from it. This is natural, since God will bless you when you are following His will. What happens if it takes more and more to get that "good feeling"? What happens if pressures and disappointments from everyday life interfere with your good feeling? Will you lose your motivating factor?

You may be motivated into action by someone who is a leader. This leader may be a dynamic person who is able to inspire others. He may give people confidence in themselves and may give them a vision of what they might be able to achieve. He may be a cheerleader. His pep talks excite you and stir you into action.

What happens if your excitement starts to wane? You will need another pep talk. What happens if your cheerleader is not available? What will stir you into action then? Have you lost your motivating factor?

It is fine to be motivated by good feelings. It is also fine to be motivated by other people. But we must always realize that God is the source of all inspiration. God is the power, the driving force, behind your cheerleader's actions and your actions. Whenever you need a pep talk, go to God in prayer for encouragement. And study the Bible to see how others have allowed God to be the driving force in their lives.

If your good feelings wane or you lose your cheerleader, don't feel that you have been abandoned by either man or by God. Have faith in God and look within for guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit. Perhaps God will provide you with a new cheerleader.

Perhaps you have learned from your cheerleader and no longer need him. Perhaps you have the strength and the perseverance to act without needing his encouragement anymore. And perhaps you have even grown enough that you are ready to serve the Lord by taking the place of your cheerleader. Maybe you can motivate others now, just as he had once motivated you.

A leader is often thought of as someone who brings out the best in us by giving us support and encouragement. We would do well to remember that if we would like our leaders to be effective, we should give our leaders the same support and encouragement that we expect from them. Leaders need our love and prayers just like everyone else. (1 Thes 5:11-13)

When writing this article, I imagined that I was a leader. When I was younger, my goal as a leader would have been to help others be as spiritual as I thought I was. That goal would have been OK for awhile. There was a time when some people at church were so spiritually anemic, that bringing people up to my level was a worthy goal. But that goal is now out of date. And no longer worthy. Many people have grown enough that bringing them to my level may not be much of an improvement for them. And for some people, bringing them to my level may actually bring them down a notch or two!

Now that I am older, I would have to have a different goal as a leader. Instead of trying to bring other people up to the level where I want them to be, I should be trying to bring other people up to the level where God wants them to be. I should encourage people to be all that God wants them to be.

As a person grows and matures, he becomes more comfortable with himself. When he begins to like himself and who he is, he no longer feels threatened by other people looking better than he does. It becomes easier for him to give others credit for their efforts, gifts, or talents. Since each part of the body of Christ has its own special function, each part looks better in its own special way. (1 Cor 12:12-27)

When you accept yourself as God has made you, you are given new freedoms. You are free to become anything that God wants you to be. And you are also free to encourage others to be anything that God wants them to be -- without feeling threatened, or being jealous of their gifts.

So the more supportive we can be of our leaders, the more supportive they will be of us. I praise God that He is so amazing! He will always have more wonderful, new things to teach all of us, giving each of us ever increasing opportunities to serve Him. (Php 2:1-11)

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