Just Show Me You Care

I love being a Christian. There are lots of benefits, like our relationship with Jesus and our fellowship with other Christians. And the retirement benefits are out of this world! But we also have responsibilities, too. (Mt 28:18-20)

There is a whole world of hurting people out there literally dying to hear the Good News about Jesus. We have to tell them. They need the love and the compassion that Christ has to offer them through us. We have to help them. We have to share our faith with them.

I understand that you may have certain issues in your life that need to be resolved. Maybe you feel you need a better understanding of the Bible to prepare for sharing your faith. Maybe you have certain problems in your life that you feel may interfere with your ability to share your faith. Or maybe you just need a little bit of encouragement.

I agree that there may be some things you could do to make yourself a more effective witness. If you are concerned about your lack of scriptural knowledge, then go to Sunday School and Wednesday Night Bible Study. Get a study Bible and read it every day. If you feel you have problems that get in the way, then ask God and others to help you with those problems. If you just need a little encouragement, then ask someone for a hug! Better yet, give someone a hug!

But there still has to be something you can do right now, at this point in time, to share your faith. Try to find it. And instead of using your problems as an excuse for not trying to witness, use witnessing as a motivating factor for facing those problems head on. In other words, if something interferes with your witnessing, deal with it. It is time to get on with your life, so that you will be in a better position to help others get on with their lives.

There is an old saying, "What goes around, comes around." You will find that the more love you can express to others, the more love you will receive in return. When we strive to do the Lord's work, the Lord will tend to our needs. But we have to think of other people first. Jesus lived His whole life caring for other people. Let Jesus care for you. Then, you, in turn, can care for others.

Don't worry whether the obstacles you encounter are going to keep getting in the way. You may find that your experience dealing with obstacles is one of your greatest assets. When you share your faith with someone, maybe the only person who can reach him is someone like you who has struggled with the same things he has. Someday you may be able to minister with love and compassion to some hurting person because you allowed God and others to minister to you now. (2 Cor 1:3-4)

Here's the bottom line. The unsaved people of the world do not need to be witnessed to by people who are so perfect that their lack of problems make the unsaved seem inferior and hopeless. The unsaved people of the world do not need a Bible scholar to list all the facts in the Bible and to explain all the deep theological truths. You do not have to give them all the answers. You just have to point them in the right direction: toward Jesus.

The unsaved people need someone who cares. When you show that you care about others, they will notice that you are different. They will make a general remark like, "What is so different about you?" Or "Why are you so happy?" Or "Why do you care about someone like me?" Your answer is "Because someone else first cared about me. Jesus cared enough about me to die for me to take away my sins. And He cares just as much for you, too." A simple and direct approach is best when witnessing.

Or perhaps someone makes a remark like, "Sometimes life seems so hopeless, I don't know why I bother." You can say, "I used to feel the same way before Jesus gave me hope..." Look for key phrases in their speech or actions that indicate they are searching for an answer. Then let them know that Jesus is the only answer. Let the Holy Spirit help you know when to respond to them and how to respond to them.

Let us all pray together. "Dear God: I know I have wasted too much of my life taking care of myself. I am ready to make a commitment to care for others now. Please direct my thoughts and my actions so that others will see a difference in me. Show me the people you wish me to reach. Give me the courage to speak. Give me the wisdom to know what to say and how to say it. And please, dear Father, give me your spirit of love and compassion to help me minister to the needs of the unsaved."

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