Doubts and Concerns

People sometimes have doubts and concerns about their faith. They may question their understanding of God's will and the Bible. These doubts can be productive and draw a person closer to God. They may encourage his search to know God's will and the Bible better. But when efforts to learn and grow seem futile, these doubts can frustrate a person and damage his faith.

When a person is making discoveries concerning his relationship with Christ, he sometimes worries if other people think or feel the same way he does. He may long for someone to explain to him what he is discovering. He may long for some instructions on how to use what he is learning. Even if he has a great deal of faith in God, he may became frustrated and quit growing as a Christian. All the faith in the world may not help if he has no guidelines or directions on how to use that faith.

When we discuss our relationship with Christ with other people, our witness may be the first time they have heard about Christ. Or people may have already heard about Christ, but they just don't know what to think of what they have heard. They don't know if Christianity is for them. They may be looking for someone to validate the truths they are seeking. We can help them by telling them how much Bible study and prayer have helped us grow closer to God.

We have already experienced what they are now experiencing. They may see that we have something in common with them. The Holy Spirit may be moving them toward making a commitment. If they can recognize God's spirit in us, they may understand that their struggles to understand God are natural. They may find new hope in their efforts to find God.

When witnessing to others, we can reinforce God's love to them. When they hear the commitment in our voices and see the commitment in our lives, they may finally accept that Christianity is for them. When they see that we have been able to find God, they may be encouraged that they, too, will be able to find God. They may want to make a commitment, but they don't have enough to go on to make a decision. They may have certain feelings or ideas; they wonder if they are correct. They may be looking for someone to confirm that their hopes about God are true. Remember this when sharing with others: we CAN and SHOULD provide that confirmation.

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