Bridge Across The River

I have spent my whole life searching for understanding. I have felt a kind of unrest, a longing for the answers to life's nagging questions. I have found many of those answers. But I soon discovered I was to embark on a new search. A new kind of unrest. How could I rest when others are still searching for the answers that I had found?

I am standing on one side of a river. And those unsaved souls are standing on the other side of the river. Instead of finding rest, I discovered I must do whatever I can to help build a bridge across that river. I must reach out to the unsaved, and to those saved that may need encouragement to continue to grow in their faith.

What if my attempts to build that bridge fail? Then I will swim across the river! What if there are piranhas in the river? Then I will build a boat to cross the river! What if my boat is commandeered by pirates? Then I will learn to fly an airplane so I can fly over the river!

We struggle to find God's love and the truth in God's Word, the Bible. Does this mean our struggles go unrewarded? Of course not. We will find peace and hope through our relationship with Jesus, but we will not find complete rest. There will always be work to do, in this lifetime.

If we got everything we wished for now, what reward would there be left to look forward to in Heaven? If we had complete satisfaction within ourselves, what feelings would be left to spur us on to reach out to others? What emotions would be left to poke and to prod us into remembering the unsaved? We need conflict to challenge us to improve ourselves and to remind us of our need for God.

In our efforts to cross the river to unsaved souls, let us not overlook the obvious. I did not have to build a bridge or boat, swim, or learn to fly. All I had to do was open my mouth and yell across the river. (The neighbors might prefer it if you just pick up the phone! And in your efforts to reach God, don't forget to just pick up the Bible and pray!)

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