Ambassadors For Christ

We need to invite people to Sunday School and to Church. But are we more concerned about what people might think of us for asking than we are about their finding a personal Savior? The Bible teaches us that we are to be ambassadors for Christ. We are His representatives. (2 Corinthians 5) Do you ever worry about what kind of witness or representative you are for Christ? Do you ever wonder how your friends, neighbors, and co-workers see you?

Some people may worry about being the perfect representative for Christ. They don't want to make any mistakes that might keep someone from wanting to come to church. This worry may become an excuse not to even try to be a witness. We all know it is impossible for us to be perfect. We all make mistakes. How can we be successful witnesses when the world sees us as being imperfect, just as the unsaved are imperfect?

It is true that Christians are imperfect, but there is still a difference between a Christian and an unsaved person. Christ's blood has washed away our sins. The world should be able to see a difference in our lifestyle and our loving attitudes. (Isaiah 53)

Worrying about what the unsaved think of us won't help. Remember that we may plant the seed of the Gospel message, but the Holy Spirit makes that seed grow. If an unsaved person is not being led by the Spirit toward accepting Jesus, it won't matter to him if we are perfect or not. He will find fault with us for making mistakes. He will also find fault with us for living righteous lives. The world tried to find fault with even Jesus.

If an unsaved person is being led by the Holy Spirit toward accepting Jesus, our witness is certainly important. But that person will be attracted by the Spirit of God that he sees in us. He won't be focusing on our shortcomings as much as he will be focusing on God's love that he sees in us.

People will draw conclusions from your words and your actions. So keep your witness to others consistent with the teachings of Jesus and His example. Pray for guidance and assistance. Come to Sunday School to learn more about Jesus. And bring a friend.

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