Starting All Over Again

What looks to be a disaster to the world, may actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise to Christians. Two examples that would seem to be disastrous to our church come to mind.

My first example is from a local perspective. An apartment a couple blocks from our church blew up from a gas leak. What if the heavy snow and ice on our aging church roof were to cause the roof to cave in and damage one of our aging gas furnaces? BOOM! No more church building.

I can visualize our congregation meeting in the church parking lot to say "Good-bye" to our old friend, the church building at 123 Main Street. There would be many tears, as people reminisce about the good people and the good times they had known there. People would miss their favorite pew, their favorite seat at Coffee Hour. They would miss their favorite pictures hanging on the walls that no longer stand. But, HEY! Wait a minute here! The church building would be dead. But, praise God, Jesus is still alive!

My second example is from a global perspective. Many Bible scholars feel that the scriptures point to certain events and conditions that will lead up to Jesus' return. One such condition is the current trend toward a world-wide government. Along with that will come persecution of Christians, who will have to worship underground. Historically, Christianity has flourished during hard times and has languished in times of passivity. Persecution may be a blessing in disguise, if it causes us to rally at the foot of the cross and if it forces us to realize the indomitable power of God's love.

In both of these examples, we would have to forget our schedules, our lists, and our rules. We would have to start holding Bible study meetings in our homes to replace Sunday School and Wednesday Night Bible Study. We would have to hold prayer meetings to replace the worship we normally offered through song and prayer in our old worship services. Through our adversity, we would become more of a spiritual family than ever before. We would truly discover what it means to be Brothers and Sisters in Christ. That certainly sounds like a blessing in disguise to me!

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