Relying on God (And Others)

Earlier in my life, I thought that being totally reliant on God meant that I should not also rely on other people. If I accepted assistance from someone other than God, it might mean that I did not trust God enough to believe He could provide for me. I thought I should develop my faith in God, not my faith in other people; as if accepting help from other people might be a short cut or the easy way out.

I found that just the opposite is true. Is it not more difficult to take a chance on believing in others who might fail us? Is it not easier and safer to rely on God who always desires what is best for us? He gave us the best He has to offer: the life of His Son. He wants us to be fulfilled by accepting that gift of love and, in turn, sharing that love with others.

What really surprised me the most was discovering that depending on God and depending on other people are not mutually exclusive: one kind of dependency actually encourages the other kind. When we ask God for help, God will often choose to provide that help through other people. By accepting help from others, we not only strengthen our faith in other people, but we also strengthen our faith in God as well.

We have many opportunities in our church to build relationships that will strengthen our faith in God. Sunday School meets at 9:15 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Then we have classes for various age groups. Also consider joining one of the Bible study groups or going to prayer classes. Join the Christian Men's Fellowship group or the Christian Women's Fellowship group. Volunteer! Be an active member of God's family!

God is the only one who will never disappoint you. But have enough faith in God to take a chance on having some faith (or should I say hope?) in other people, too. Then when people are a blessing to you, thank God for providing that blessing. When people disappoint you, thank God that you still can count on His unfailing love, but keep on trying. God wants you to live an abundant life. Part of that abundance includes the encouragement and the support that can be found only through fellowship with other Christians. (Philippians 3:12-16)

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