I have been attending a Men's Fellowship meeting on Saturday mornings. This group of men from various churches meet for a couple hours to study the Bible and pray together.

When they say, "I got saved!," and really mean it, you hear conviction in their voices. When they say out loud, "I love you, Jesus," you hear gratitude in their voices, since Jesus took away their sins. When they say, "I am looking forward to gathering around the throne of God with other Christians," you hear anticipation in their voices.

After awhile, I began to wonder if maybe things seemed too good to be true with this group of people. Could this joy be real? Were they trying to give me false hopes or false expectations of what my Christian life should be?

But I was looking at things from the wrong perspective. The men at the fellowship meetings are not looking at the trials and burdens of this world. They are looking forward, looking ahead to Heaven, where the transient cares of this world will not matter. Their joy is from anticipating being with Christ forever.

Now that I have a better appreciation for what Heaven will be like (actually, what it will NOT be like), I feel that I, too, have something to which to look forward. The cares and worries of this world don't seem quite as burdensome now. Someday, not only will those cares and worries be gone, but they will actually be replaced with joy and everlasting love.

In Sunday School, I learn what Christ has to offer me and the people I meet. Out of 100 people, maybe 99 of them may think that what Christ has to offer is "too good to be true." Maybe only one person out of those 100 people will believe that the hope in my life is both real and true. But if a spark from my life can kindle a flame in the spiritual life of just that one person, it will all be worth it!

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