Walking-on-Water Faith

Let's talk about miracles!

Perhaps you have some miracle in mind already. A couple years ago, I had discovered the power of prayer and was just beginning to realize that miracles really do happen. I had not gotten around to walking on water (yet!), but God did grant many requests that brought people closer to Him and to each other. And these requests could not be explained away merely as coincidence.

I was really excited about the fact that God loved me enough (just like He does you) that He would perform miracles for me. And I wanted to share that joy with others. I wanted to stomp my feet. I wanted to skip along and wave my hands in the air to praise the name of Jesus. In short, I wanted to hoot and holler. But I have this personality quirk. Anyone who has ever spent two or three hours with me (with a limited number of people) knows that I am a different person after a couple hours than I was after just a couple of minutes. Why? I am a quiet, "reserved" person. It just takes me that long to "warm up" to people before I can relax and be myself.

I wanted to share my joy with the people at our church. But I was never around anyone long enough at one time to "let loose" and fully express that joy. I found that if I did not share that joy with others, that joy would diminish and would soon die. So I chose to quit asking God for miracles, because it hurt me too much to watch my joy die when I did not have sufficient avenues with which to express it.

Since I know many of you are not as backward as I am, I would like to encourage you to go ahead and ask for some miracles. And then express your joy as fully as possible when God grants your requests. Here is the main rule that I followed when making a request of God. I always told God that I really, really, really wanted something. But I also told God that sometimes I am too stupid to know what is best for me. And then I asked God to deny my request if He thought my idea was stupid.

Some people may say that I was giving God a way out, in case He really could not pull off the miracle. This was not the case at all. I was declaring God's omnipotency, while admitting my impotency. The possibilities for why God says "No" or "Later" are just as endless as God's love for us is.

God may say "Later" because I may not be mature enough to handle the responsibility of having my request granted. Or maybe the miracle needs postponed until certain people to whom I can witness (by seeing my joy) can come into my life. God may say "No" because having my request granted may harm me or others, or may mess up some greater miracle God has planned on down the road. We cannot take into consideration all the variables that God can when he makes a decision.

The world is full of skeptics. Sometimes you may ask God for a miracle, but your request is denied, for whatever reason. Someone may say to you, "God did not grant your miracle because your faith is not great enough." Here is what you should do. Look that person straight in the eye and say, "On the contrary. God may have said 'No' or "Later' to my request. But my faith is great enough to believe that God has another miracle in store for me that is infinitely greater than the foolish request that I made. God is just showing His love for me by giving me something even better than for what I asked. I am looking forward to seeing what God has planned for me. I am so excited! I can hardly wait!"

Now, back to me. You may be thinking, "Oh, poor Jeffy. He had his dreams smashed to pieces. He had to give up asking for miracles because he could not express his joy." But do not feel sorry for me. God has things all worked out. Someday I will have every request granted. Someday I will see every miracle performed. And someday I will express the joy of Christ so fully, that you will have trouble believing it is really me.

I cannot promise that every request will be granted in this life. I may have to wait until I get to Heaven for some of my dreams to come true. But there is no doubt in my mind that God loves me enough that He will give me not what I want, but what will help me know and serve Him better.

I will have walking-on-water faith. How? Since faith is a gift of God, I shall ask God to give it to me! "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--" (Eph 2:8) And I shall make Christ greater in my life and make myself lesser. When you see more of Christ in my life than you see of Jeff, then you will see the full joy of Christ in my life. And then we can go walking on water together!

Note: I wrote this article in 1994.

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