I'll Fly Away

Phyllis led our congregation in resounding rounds of that stirring song "I'll Fly Away". That kind of song really gets your blood flowing and your heart pounding. Are you excited about serving the Lord today? Are you excited about flying away to meet our Lord in Glory Land some bright tomorrow? Brothers and Sisters, it is time for lift off!

We have all had hopes and dreams that have excited us so much that we feel we may take off and fly. But how many of your dreams to more fully serve the Lord have actually gotten off the ground? Hey! The conditions are perfect for lift off. A soul-refreshing breeze powerful enough to lift the spirits of even the most down-to-earth folk is blowing across the land. Praise God! The Holy Spirit breathes life into us!

Are you excited about your dreams? Here are a few simple suggestions for realizing them. First, don't worry about the past. Ask God to forgive your sins and ask God to help you forgive others that have wronged you. Secondly, don't spend too much time and effort searching after artificial comforts of the moment. If you are uncomfortable with something, it may be an indication that you need to change your life in some way. Make plans and take action to see your dreams come true. And thirdly, do not worry about the future. God has already provided for the future.

Finally, we have all used excuses like, "I'm not good enough at that." Or "I'm too busy right now. I'll wait until things calm down." or "I'll wait until I get my life in order." Are they valid statements or just worn-out excuses?

Deep down in your heart, you know of dreams that lie hidden. Dreams that are just waiting for the right burst of air to lift them off the ground. You have something very special and unique to offer our congregation. So what is holding you back?

Singing in our church choir is a good example. You may be thinking that others sing more on key than you do or others have stronger voices than you do. So you think that you should just leave the singing to others. You think they can minister to the needs of others better than you can. Wrong!

If the Holy Spirit has planted a desire in your heart to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, go for it! You never know until you try. Maybe others sing more on key than you do or others sing louder than you do. But, perhaps, as a member of the choir, you can minister to the needs of others in your own way. How? Maybe you have a certain little twinkle in your eye that encourages others. Maybe you have an uplifting smile on your face. Maybe you can put more body language into your singing than others. There are many ways to convey a message of hope and love.

It is not always the most obvious talents that reach others. God is often more subtle than that. Sometimes the person least suited for a task is the most successful. Since God does the work, not the person, there is no reason to compete when serving the Lord. True, some people may compare and/or judge others. But we should be encouraging each other, not tearing each other down. God made each of us for special purposes. That means that even though on the outside it may seem like someone else is outshining you, you will know on the inside that no one can outshine how you use the unique combination of talents that the Holy Spirit has given you. And no one can take your place.

Have faith that God will show you how to use your talents. Whether your talents are obvious or subtle, God will work through you. But only you and the Lord know what hopes and dreams lie hidden inside you. Pray that God will shed some light on your dreams and bring them into sharper focus. God will help you realize your dreams of serving Him more fully and completely. And ask someone to pray for you. Tell him, "It's time to fly away!"

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