Advice From Grandpa

Why do you have that worried expression on your face, dear grandchild? Are you troubled and confused? What's that? You say you just don't know what to believe or where to turn, anymore? Well, pull up a chair and listen closely.

Do you remember when you were a young child? Remember when you were playing and skinned your knees? You came running in the house crying and climbed up into my lap. I held you in my arms in this old rocking chair. I comforted you and then you went back to your play. And remember the time you came home crying because the kids at school had picked on you? Again, you climbed up into my lap. You felt protected and were ready to face the world again.

But as you grew older, you became more independent. You thought you knew everything. You thought you didn't need anyone's help. And you thought you were too big to fit in Grandpa's lap, anymore. Have you now discovered that you need some help? OK, I will try to give you some advice.

Even at my ripe, old age, I still get scared. The world will tell us anything in an attempt to destroy our faith. It really scares me when I hear about all the lies that the world wants us to believe. How does modern man deal with life? He meditates on it. He reasons it out. If he can find peace and understanding on his own, then why does he need God? There appears to be no room for faith in our modern world. Some people have become dependent on reasoning to explain the mysteries of life, instead of turning to God, the one who created all life, for the answers.

If man cannot understand some concepts or events, he denies the existence of and the validity of those concepts and events in his life. Do you believe the Bible is the inerrant (infallible) word of God? Do you believe in the virgin birth of Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus performed miracles and is God in the flesh, and not just a very good man? Do you believe that Christ arose from the dead? I pray that you do. By attacking these beliefs, Satan hopes to destroy our acceptance of the basic principles that are the foundations of our faith. These truths are so much a part of God's plan for salvation that, without them, no salvation would be possible.

Some people don't have enough faith in God to rely on His help when witnessing to the unsaved or when reaching out to the hurting. So they rely on their own reasoning. They think they have to understand why someone does the "wrong" things before they can convince him to do the "right" things.

When Christians become obsessed with figuring out why people sin, their focus turns to sin instead of salvation. In effect, sin becomes their god because they spend their time analyzing unholy living, instead of themselves providing examples of holy living to others. Their minds become trapped by the darkness of what they are trying to understand, when their minds should be set free by the truths found in the Bible and by the light of Christ's love.

And some Christians don't have much faith in each other. When they offer to help someone in Christian love, they worry if the person will think, "What are they buttering me up for?" If they show affection to the "wrong" people, they worry if someone may think they have sided with the enemy. If they provide discipline where it is needed, they worry if people may think they are abusive or power hungry.

So, dear grandchild, I can see why you are troubled and confused. I have been telling you about some of the things that scare me. I can see that these things scare you, too. You probably never knew that I get scared. But I do. What do I do when I get scared? I get out my Bible and arm myself for battle against this world. (Read Ephesians 6:10-20)

When I search the Word of God for the truth, I can see through the lies of this world. And I pray to God for strength, comfort, and protection. That's right. When I pray to my Father in Heaven, God lifts me up into His lap. There I find the peace and the understanding that cannot be found by listening to this world's reasoning.

Maybe you think that you are too big to fit in Grandpa's lap. Or maybe his arms of comfort and protection are out of reach for you. But do remember this. In times of trouble and confusion, read the Bible for the truth and go to God in prayer. You are never too big to fit in God's lap. And you are never too far away from God that His arms of comfort and protection cannot reach you.

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