Your Prayers Make A Difference

I read a book with a chapter on speaking in tongues. Most Christians do not believe this is possible today, that tongues was an apostolic gift that passed away with the apostles. I wondered if I would feel closer to God if I could go back in time 2,000 years and witness miraculous signs. Then I thought about what I could do right now in the present to feel closer to God and to be more open to the Holy Spirit. I developed the following checklist of things that could hinder my spiritual growth. I have been praying over this list.

1) Disbelief -- I do not believe it can happen.

2) Conservatism -- I have never done that before.

3) Unworthiness -- I am not good enough to receive such a blessing.

4) Can't Release Control -- I cannot "give in" to the Holy Spirit or God's will. (Lack of Trust)

5) Self-gratification -- I may use the power and the authority that the Lord gives me to satisfy my own ego or to get my own way all the time.

God has been answering my prayers and I do feel closer to Him. But I did not have to go back in time 2,000 years for this to happen. I just had to change some of my attitudes. Now I am beginning to believe that anything is possible. I am trying new things. I will allow myself to receive blessings (although only Jesus is truly worthy). I am better able to trust God and release control of my life to the Holy Spirit. I do not "get the Holy Spirit". The Holy Spirit "gets" me. And I do not think as much about using God's power to change the church into what I want it to be.

A pamphlet from The Continental's music ministry said, "One single note makes a world of difference... so can you!" Your prayers are important for your individual spiritual growth. And your prayers are just as vital for the spiritual and numerical growth of our congregation. Please put this article on your refrigerator. Then review the checklist every day for attitudes that may be standing in the way of growth in your life or in our church. And pray about it. Let me know how those prayers affect your spiritual life. I care about you and would like to know how I can serve you better. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!

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