Things That Go Bump In The Night

It's almost Halloween. Why do kids like to scare themselves senseless? Maybe they learned it from television evangelists who try to scare the daylights out of viewers. Some preachers talk so much about demons that you wonder how they ever find time to worship God. Let's humor TV evangelists for a moment. Let's say you have your own personal demon assigned to bedevil you. Every day, you drive to work using the same route, at the same time. And every day, your demon holds onto your rear bumper as your car pulls it down the highway. (Your demon is into roller blading these days.)

Let's do a couple things to test the intelligence of your demon. First, leave for work ten minutes early one day. You won't notice that roller-blading demon in your rear view mirror. Why not? Your demon could not see into the future to know that you were going to leave ten minutes early, so it missed its ride. Secondly, alter your route a little. Sometime, when you normally turn to the right, turn to the left instead. Your demon is trained (like your dog) to lean in the correct direction. But if you make an unanticipated turn, the demon will be knocked off balance and sent into a tailspin. Why? The demon could not read your mind.

Overactive imaginations have given Satan too much power. Don't you find it comforting to know that Satan cannot see into the future and that Satan cannot read your mind? It really helps to ease your mind knowing that Satan and his evil forces have limitations. And these limitations take a lot of control and fear-wielding power away from Satan. TV evangelists try to worry us about demons holding us back from doing the Lord's work. They would have you fret, "I am frozen in my tracks. I can't take one step further because a demon is fiercely holding on to me and is impeding my movements and my actions. That demon even puts its hand over my mouth, preventing me from speaking to spread the gospel."

Do you think that demons are such a good judge of character that they can predict which Christians will do the best works, hence need the most tormenting? If you think you are important enough to have a 24- hour, around-the-clock demon assigned to you, that alone ought to be enough to convince you that Satan already has control of your mind, so there is no reason for him to bother with tormenting you, anymore.

We all have things that we are afraid of trying. But we all need to grow by stretching ourselves to reach higher goals.

Let's start right now. Stand in the middle of the room and imagine that you are going to try something new. Do you honestly think a demon is going to hold onto you and stop you? Do you really feel its arms holding you down? Then go ahead and say out loud, "Okay, Satan. I admit defeat. There is no way I can do this. I give up." What three little words does Satan long to hear? (No, not I love you!) He wants to hear Christians saying, "I give up!" When a Christian admits defeat, Satan's work is done and he will find some other Christian to torment.

Here is the real test. Not another test for demons. I mean the real test for you. After the demon leaves you alone and has no control over you, what excuse will you then use for not trying something new? Was your demon really holding you back? Or did you just make the decision yourself not to push yourself too hard? And Satan is as good a scape goat as any for not getting involved.

So don't play games trying to outsmart demons. A solid relationship with Christ as your Savior is all you need to keep those demons in line. It is not necessary to know how demons or angels function. God is in control of everything. Just pray to God and He will take care of the rest. For Satan flees from praying Christians.

And remember, there is safety in numbers. Satan might be able to distract some of us, but he certainly cannot distract all Christians. Being distracted is like falling off a bike. If you fall down, you have to jump right back up and try again. We can't let distractions make us say, "I give up." We must say, "With God's help, I'll keep on trying!"

Are you still afraid of things that go bump in the night? Of course not. You outgrew that fear long ago. So when are you going to outgrow your fear of trying new things? If everyone in our congregation were to mobilize and keep trying to win souls for the Lord, Satan would be caught so off guard that he wouldn't know what hit him! We could go forth wherever, whenever, and however we wanted to. But that brings us back to the same question, "Do we really want to?"

Note: I realize my attitude toward Satan in this article has been rather flippant. Although we do need to take his dark forces seriously, we certainly do not need to give them too much credit, since the battle has already been won at Calvary.

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