Don't Make Faces At God

There are several ways a parent can guide and direct a child. Sometimes a parent may teach his child by example. He walks in front of the child and says, "Keep an eye on me. We are playing follow the leader." The parent explains what he is doing and shows the child what is expected of him. This seems kind of like a teacher and a student.

Sometimes a parent may walk beside his child and say, "Let's work together." Again the parent explains what he is doing and shows the child what is expected of him. But instead of doing something and then asking the child to follow along, the parent practices doing something at the same time as the child does it. Then it seems more like they are working together as a team.

But sometimes it is difficult for a parent to show a child or explain to a child what is expected of him. So a parent stands behind his child and places his hands on his child's shoulders. Then he applies pressure to his child's shoulders to steer him in the right direction. A child usually does not seem to mind being maneuvered this way. But occasionally a child will resist. He will make a face and try to pull away from his parent. His parent may warn, "Don't make faces at me. Your face may freeze that way."

Just as with a parent and a child, there are also several ways God can guide and direct us. We usually don't mind following Jesus' example, where Jesus is the teacher and we are the students. We can play follow the leader with Jesus, since we can keep an eye on Him by reading the Bible. And we like it even better when we work together with Jesus. We like working with Jesus as a team. We like having His help.

But sometimes it is hard for us to understand Jesus' example and work well with Him. So Jesus gives us a little push. How do you react when Jesus applies pressure to your life to steer you in the right direction? Do you mind? Do you thank Him for being concerned enough about you to help you and to teach you? Or do you complain because you wanted to do it your way, or you wanted to find an easier way to do it? Do you try to resist? Do you make a face and try to pull away from God? Be warned. When you make faces at God, your face may freeze that way. And so may your heart.

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