Be More Confident Of Your Salvation

"The Continentals" performed in concert at our church in July. I will use them as an example of how we can show others that we are confident of our salvation. Even if The Continentals had never sung, I would have still felt blessed by the group's visit. Just to see that many Christians smiling at one time was a blessing! Their smiles were not just for show. And their smiles were not smiles of conceit or vanity. Their smiles were the genuine outpouring of the love Christ has shown them. They didn't just smile, they radiated the presence of the Holy Spirit!

The Continentals were also an example of people devoted to serving the Lord. They all had to prepare their parts. Some had to sing, play musical instruments, and speak. Much practice and hard work went into their production. Some of them had even been trained to counsel people. They said they would be available to talk to people after the concert, if anyone needed someone with whom to talk. I cannot think of a better way to show your acceptance of someone than to offer your time, love, and concern to that person.

The Continentals were confident of (and comfortable with) their relationship with God and were not afraid to show it. They walked up and down the aisles shaking hands with people and were actually singing to people individually. It is not enough for us to just have a relationship with God. We must be comfortable enough with that relationship to be able to demonstrate what God means to us to other people. We cannot be ashamed of or embarrassed about our love for God.

I encourage you to express yourself to others. 1) Select a close Christian friend and try to share with him how you came to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and what He has done for you. Try to explain why you would not want to give up your relationship with God. Explain what you would be losing. 2) Then select someone who you know is a Christian, but with whom you are less familiar. Try to explain the same to him. 3) Then ask God to lead you to someone who has not made a commitment to Christ. Ask God to help you share your witness with that person.

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