Be Captivating!

Our minister has talked in Wednesday Night Bible Study about the "four S's" pattern that the Jewish nation kept repeating: Salvation, Sin, Servitude, and Supplication. The Jewish nation falls into sin. They are exiled from their land and are placed in servitude to their captors. The Jewish people repent of their sin, and pray (supplication) for forgiveness of their sins and for deliverance from their captors. And finally, they are restored into a right relationship with God, they experience salvation, and God rescues them.

Having a right relationship with God leads to salvation and an eternity in Heaven. I heard a song by Two Hearts about people being so satisfied with their lives on earth, that they take for granted what awaits them in Heaven. The song asks, "Isn't anyone talking about going home anymore?"

And speaking of going home, Harry was doing just that! Harry mentioned to me how wonderful it will be when we Christians meet again in Heaven. After talking to Harry, I got a little melancholy. We Christians get used to leaning on each other for support during difficult times. We get used to others lifting us up out of our doldrums with a kind word or deed. We get used to having a shoulder to cry on. So it saddened me to think that Harry will no longer be able to lift my spirits when we meet in Heaven. But that will be because there will be nothing in Heaven to dampen my spirits!

It sometimes seems that we keep getting ourselves into so much trouble because we like the thrill of being rescued. And we also find comfort in knowing that somebody cares enough about us to want to rescue us. Entering Heaven will be our one final, grand rescue from all that has made our lives miserable. Our pattern of Salvation, Sin, Servitude, and Supplication will be broken forever. Every tear will be wiped away. And we will spend eternity with our Lord.

Heaven will be more than we could ever imagine. But since there will be no more tears in Heaven, there will also be no more chances to recapture lost opportunities, or lost souls. Give someone a thrill. Give someone some comfort. And capture his heart for Jesus. Let him know that you care enough about him to want to help rescue him from the sin that holds his heart captive.

Be captivating! Now!

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