Appreciate Your Blessings

I was recently invited to attend a Men's Bible Study on Saturday morning at 7:30. Without thinking, I said that I could not go because Saturday is the only day of the week I can sleep in. Oops! I later realized I must have sounded like I was making up an excuse and just plain did not want to go. The truth is, I really did want to go, but I really like to sleep, too!

I decided I should force myself to get up early and go to the meetings. The next Friday night I set my alarm to be sure I would wake up on time. When the alarm sounded, I turned it off and went back to sleep. When I woke up later, I felt sad because I wondered what I had missed at the meeting.

So the Friday after that, I set my alarm again and, this time, I actually got out of bed and went. What I found at the meeting was a group of men who are gathering for fellowship because they really love the Lord. Christ has done so much for them. How do they respond to His love and show their appreciation? They respond by studying God's Word to see how they can obey His will.

I may have given up some sleep. But I received a lot more than I gave up by experiencing the love and the unconditional acceptance that the group had to offer.

Just think about it. Has God blessed you in some way? Would you like to show your appreciation to God for your blessings? You can do that by studying His Word and by being obedient to His will. Give up a little sleep for Sunday School, for God.

If you don't think you have any blessings, consider going to Sunday School, anyway. See for yourself people's commitment to the Lord. Listen to them discuss the Bible. See the love that they express for the Lord and each other as a result of the love God has shown them. Experiencing that love for yourself just may be the blessing you have been waiting and watching for!

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