All For One And One For All: Jesus Is The One

We have seen TV Evangelists who claim to have extraordinary powers. They say, "I shall pray for you. Let me touch you. The power of the Holy Spirit will pass from my body to yours. You will receive (fill in the blank)." The TV audience must be like the people in the Bible who kept bugging Jesus for miraculous signs, so they could believe. (John 6:30)

I have also seen people who pray to have "visions" and similar experiences. They demand of their prayer leaders, "Make me see Jesus!" They need to read John 20:29. "Then Jesus told him, `Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.'" It is not difficult to offer someone hypnotic suggestions to give him whatever illusions (or should I say "delusions") he desires. But how does that honor or serve our Lord?

And what if someone were to believe in me too much? He might say, "Jeff, you are so wise. Please interpret the Bible for me. Please pray for me and give me the answers I seek." Just like the people in the Old Testament who sought guidance from the priests and the prophets. But Jesus has made it possible for each of us to go directly to God in prayer. Jesus is the only way to the Father. (John 14:6) I am always delighted in the opportunity to offer my opinions, but you must decide for yourself if God wants you to act on them.

You do not need a degree in religion to be able to read the Bible. You do not need to be a priest or to have special "powers" to be able to pray. What you do need is to be disciplined, diligent, and dedicated. You must study God's Word every day. And you must pray without ceasing. I cannot give these things to you. I cannot do your work for you. You must do it yourself.

Why does God not want any one person to look overly important? The church is the body of Christ, with Christ as its head. The church cannot revolve around anyone but Jesus. So we cannot delegate our responsibilities for the church to one person, or to one group of people. Every single member of the body of Christ must accept responsibility for his own growth and for the growth of the body of Christ. Have you accepted that responsibility yet? How are you growing? How are you serving?

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