Worry And Pain

In my occupation, one of my main responsibilities is to worry. I try to think of everything that could go wrong so that I can develop methods of preventing problems before they start. The key to peace of mind (at work and in life) is knowing when worrying is productive. Up to a certain point, worrying is called planning. After a certain point, worrying is called spinning your wheels. Then you are just wasting time thinking about things that you cannot control, instead of using that time to act upon those things that you can control, or somehow affect.

Turning our problems over to God teaches us to depend on Him and builds our faith in Him. The Bible tells us not to worry. Study the Bible and pray to God for help in building your plans around His will. Proper planning frees us from having to worry. (Matthew 6:25ff)

Just as we need to do some productive worrying to plan, we also need to allow ourselves to feel some emotional pain. If we attempt to ignore or block out all pain, aren't we wearing emotional blinders or rose-colored glasses? How can we hope to meet the needs of other people, to express Christ's love to them, if we take emotional aspirin to free ourselves from all pain?

We cannot empathize with their situation if we never allow ourselves to feel what they are feeling. Just as with worrying, there is a cut-off point for sharing the pain of others. Sharing their pain is productive as long as it helps us understand their situation and motivates us into helping them. But beyond a certain point, sharing their pain will become an unnecessary burden for us.

We need to be sensitive to the needs of other people. Christ shared our pain, our sin, to free us from our suffering. Shouldn't we also share the pain of other people when it helps free them from their suffering?

When you plan for events that might go wrong, remember to plan for the events that are going to go RIGHT. And when you are sharing other people's pain and sorrows, remember to share their JOYS, as well.

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