Security Blanket

We live our lives trying to protect ourselves. We try to protect and maintain our standard of living. We protect our lives, families, friends, jobs, health, and possessions. We aim for perfection by collecting things that enhance our image to the world. These things and images become our security blanket.

We cannot risk doing anything that might jeopardize the perfect, imaginary world we try to create. For this imaginary world is our only protection, or insulation, from the real world. The real world may be too harsh or painful for us to face without our security blanket to comfort us.

We try not to look at the pain or imperfections of the world. The world is not always a pretty sight; it can be quite ugly. And there is no room in our imaginary, perfect world for the imperfect or the ugly.

How can we be more like Jesus? Jesus lived in Heaven with His Father. But Jesus did not try to block out and ignore the suffering of the world. He did something about it. Jesus left His beautiful world to enter our imperfect, ugly world. So now Jesus can look at our problems from the perspective of a human, as well as from the perspective of God. When Jesus prays to God on our behalf, His prayers are the prayers of SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE.

If we are willing to look at only the pretty side of life, we cannot grow. We must be courageous enough to face life's challenges and the ugly side of the world. There are people in the real world who do not know the peace of the Holy Spirit. They know only the loneliness of their separation from God, caused by their unconfessed and unforgiven sin. And they do not know that Jesus has lived in their real world and understands their very real needs. We must tell them about Jesus and lead them to God.

We cannot think of only ourselves. How long can we continue to ignore the ugly, quickly turning our heads from any reality that might shatter our imaginary, perfect world? Don't be afraid of the real world! Don't be afraid of the pain or the loneliness in the real world! Give up your collection of things and images. How much peace have these things brought you? Let Jesus be your security blanket and you will find all the protection you need.

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