Rose Garden

Remember the song, "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden"? A rose garden seems to be the lure of some cults and denominations today. They promise health, wealth, and happiness. They promise an easy road. They make Christianity look effortless and sugar-coated. That is their witnessing strategy.

But Jesus does not promise a rose garden or an easy road. Why do some people neglect to mention the hard parts of Christianity? Is it so they don't discourage or chase away new Christians? Or do they leave out the hard parts so they can ignore what they do not find appealing themselves?

Becoming a Christian does not mean that your troubles will all disappear. Indeed, you will be faced with new difficulties that you had not encountered before. But you will look at your problems differently, from a new perspective.

You can find solutions to your problems in the Bible. You will have the support of your brothers and sisters in Christ. And even when people fail you, Jesus will always be just a prayer away.

Some people spend their lives thinking, "I could be happy if this problem went away." Why waste all your energies wishing away one problem? When that problem does go away, a new one will likely replace it. You will surely miss the good in life while trying to outwait the bad.

As a Christian, you learn to accentuate the positive. Ask the Lord to show you the blessings in a bad situation. He will show you how He can use any situation to His glory. Quit trying to change the rules. Accept life as God chooses to lead you through it. You will find peace and contentment.

You can learn to be content in any situation. But you must first realize that the circumstances you are in are not important. What is important is trying to do what pleases God in all circumstances.

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