Mistake Preventer/Mistake Eraser

I type the rough drafts of these articles into a computer. I type much faster on a computer than on a manual, or even an electric typewriter. On a manual typewriter, I force myself to go slowly. By going slowly, I can see the mistakes coming and can prevent many of them before they happen. But when I use a computer, I type with reckless abandon. I don't worry about making mistakes. I figure the computer will tell me about some of my errors. And I can easily go back and fix any other errors later.

When we make a diligent effort to study the Bible daily and to pray without ceasing, we can have a "built-in" error preventer in our lives. The Holy Spirit will warn us not to do things that we shouldn't do (and to do things that we should do). Studying the Bible teaches us what is right. Prayer invites the Holy Spirit to live in us. Then when we are making decisions, the Holy Spirit helps us to remember and to interpret what we have studied in the Bible. That is our built-in, error preventer from God.

We cannot live our lives with reckless abandon, as if typing on a computer. When we make mistakes in real life, it is not always that easy to go back and fix the mistakes later. If we live our lives more carefully, taking the time to go slowly enough to watch for mistakes, we will be able to foresee and avoid many costly mistakes. Mistakes that are much more difficult to correct than they would have been to prevent.

We sometimes wish we could push a "rewind" button, like on a tape recorder, and live part of our lives over again. We would avoid costly mistakes, the second time around. But Jesus has something much better than a rewind button. Jesus has an "erase" button to make your sins go away. His erase button is called the cross. When you have sinned, confess your sins and try not to repeat your mistakes. You may still have to live with the consequences of your mistakes, but your sin will not be held against you. That is our built-in, error fixer from God.

So, you see, God is better than man's technology for preventing and for fixing errors. And God runs without electricity and never has "down" time! I will count on God's Word, not man's technology, to prevent and fix errors in my life!

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