Include God In Your Plans

We spend our lives making plans and trying to carry them out. We make plans that are short term, like planning our vacation or what we will do next weekend. We also make plans that are more long term, like getting a certain kind of job and marrying a certain kind of person. We plan on having two kids and a dog. We plan on living in an apartment, then getting a house, and then a bigger house.

We look forward to our plans. We build our hopes and dreams around them. We live for our dreams, our plans. But what do we do when our plans don't materialize the way we expect? Why do our dreams fail us? Why do we waste our lives living for things that may not happen or are not really that important? What glue or cement is missing from our lives to hold our dreams together? The answer is God.

Just as we have plans for our lives, God also has plans for us. God wants us to serve Him. He also wants us to live a life that is personally rewarding and fulfilling. When God makes plans for us, He works out all the details so that we can live a life filled with peace and joy. At the same time, we can also live a life that pleases and serves God. God integrates the various facets of our lives so that the total picture fits together to meet our needs and glorify God.

When we make our own plans, we think of only our own selfish motives and God is left out of the picture. Isn't it time we started putting God into the picture and including Him in our plans? Better yet, isn't it time that we started including ourselves in God's plans?

Start including Sunday School and daily prayer in your plans. You will discover that God's plans truly are wiser than the foolish, feeble plans we make. Our plans take into consideration only a few short years. God's plans take into consideration all of eternity.

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