Stop Teasing Me!

Sometimes one kid may pretend to be a friend to another kid. But the first kid is only teasing the second kid. The first kid promises to get together with the second kid, only to disappear later. How do you think it makes the second kid feel when the first kid teases him with his friendship?

We sometimes think that God is just teasing us. He claims to want to have a relationship with us. Yet, if He loves us so much, why did Jesus come to earth and then just disappear? Was God just teasing us? If God really wants a relationship with us, why doesn't He just show His face? Why do we have to have a long distance relationship with God?

Jesus didn't just disappear. He is still with us. God has placed the Holy Spirit, which is a part of Himself, in all Christians. So we do not have a long distance relationship with God. We have a very intimate relationship with Him. God has even given us the Bible, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians as ways to get to know Him better. But how often do we take advantage of what God has provided for us?

We claim we want a relationship with God. Yet, when Sunday morning comes, how eager are we to get up for Sunday School and for Worship Service? How often do we make time for Wednesday Night Bible Study? How regularly do we read our Bibles? And when we do read our Bibles, do we actually stop to think about what we have read? What does it mean? How does it apply to our lives? How should it change our lives?

How much time do we spend in prayer with our Father? Prayer is the most intimate and the most effective form of communication with God. Prayer is a way of spending time with God. We would never expect to build a relationship with a person without spending time with that person. So why do we think we can build a relationship with God without spending time with Him?

We tell God we love Him and want a relationship with Him. Yet, if we do not spend time with God, are we not guilty of teasing Him, just as one kid teases another kid with friendship? We may not realize that we are teasing God. But that is exactly what we are doing. How do you think it makes God feel when we tease Him with our love?

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