Second-Hand Information

Are you tired of second-hand information? When you are waiting for critical information, do you get irritated when it is incorrect, or it arrives too late or not at all? Of course you do. When we rely so heavily on information to make decisions and plans, we must receive that information in a timely manner and it must be accurate.

Why then do we settle for second-hand information where God is concerned? We must understand what God expects of us so that we can serve and please Him. Our understanding of God should be developed and maintained through regular Bible study: both in Sunday School and in daily personal devotions.

Sermons in worship services are a part of gaining knowledge, but there is no substitute for actual verse-by-verse study. Instead of making the effort to study the Bible, we usually base our understanding of God on childhood memories of what we have been told, on movies and novels, and on what our friends say. This second-hand information is often incorrect.

Reading the Bible helps us understand our past; it guides us in the present, and it prepares us for the future. We don't have to rely on second-hand information. God has given us the Bible, which is His Word. We have access to all the information we need about God and the world around us.

You need to take advantage of the opportunity God has given you in the Bible. You need to make a commitment to making God's Word a part of your life. When you are looking for a reliable source of information, remember that the Bible is always accurate. It is never too late. And it is always right on time.

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