Pleasing God, Not Others

We certainly are very nice people, wouldn't you agree? Everybody tells us so. We are always complimenting each other. We are always encouraging people and making them feel better.

We are very generous with our time. If anyone needs a favor, we are the first to volunteer to pitch in and help. We are also generous with our money. If anyone is taking donations for someone in need, we can always be counted on to contribute.

We are very nice to other people. And we are even nice to ourselves. We work hard and deserve to pamper ourselves a bit. Sometimes we even reward ourselves for being nice to other people.

Let's see now. We are nice to other people. That's nice. We are nice to ourselves. That's nice. But we aren't always so nice to God, are we? That's not so nice. How often do we put God first in our lives?

We spend so much time, energy, and money trying to please other people and ourselves. But how much of this "niceness" is truly serving God? Should we make it a priority to serve others and sometimes ourselves? Or should we make it a priority to first serve God, and then serve others as part of serving God?

Our first priority should be to please God. Study God's Word. Learn what pleases Him. Then you can set your priorities on pleasing God. Now THAT'S nice!

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