My Special Friend

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the perfect friend? If you could wish for the perfect friend, what would he/she be like? You wonder if a friend is someone who could make all your dreams come true, someone who could simply erase all the painful memories of the past, or someone who could protect you from the problems of the present. Or is a friend simply anyone who helps you to grow as a person?

If all your dreams could come true, what would be the order in which you should wish for these things? Would you want instant happiness? Or should you plan your wishes in the proper sequence to first relieve the pain from the past, then deal with the problems of the present, and then prepare for the future?

It seems like you would have to choose between two people who could give you magical hugs. One person would be strong. This person's hug could teach you how to protect yourself from pain and heartache. This person's strength would be a barrier between you and the problems of the world. But this same strength would also be a barrier between you and that person. That strength would prevent that person from understanding the way that you feel and why you needed protected in the first place. You would find a safe haven, but not understanding.

The other person would be sensitive and caring. This person could hug you and truly understand the way that you feel: your hopes and dreams, your fears and disappointments, what you want to do with the rest of your life. This feeling of understanding would make you accept yourself. Then you could feel that you are not all alone and there really is a reason to try. But now comes the catch. The same sensitivity that enabled this person to understand you would prevent this person from being tough enough to help you learn to stand up for yourself. You would receive understanding, but no fortitude.

Do you want to have it both ways? Do you want the best that both of these two people can offer you?

One night I had the radio tuned to 107.1 FM, a now defunct Christian station. I was listening to a song and a lot of these issues came into much clearer focus. How can you ever find a friend that can be everything to you? How can one person be strong enough to protect you from your enemies, yet sensitive enough to be gentle and caring with your feelings? And the answer is: no one on this earth is perfect. But Jesus is. The following is bits and pieces from the song on the radio. The song is about Jesus.

He is the great Provider...
He is the great I AM...
He is the Lion, and He is the Lamb...
His eyes are warm and tender,
but there's fire in His hands!

Isn't that the answer to the search for the perfect friend? Can you have it both ways? Jesus is perfect and can be all things. He can provide for you. I Am is the name by which the Lord responded to Moses. The Lion is the symbol for His authority and power. The Lamb is the symbol for His submission to God's will.

And how can anyone resist the last two lines? Look into His warm and tender eyes and know that you can trust Him. Look at the fire in His hands and know that He can burn down your opposition. Know that He can burn away painful memories. Know that He can burn away the sin in your life that can separate you from God. Look into His warm and tender eyes once more, and know that you are loved and accepted.

Sometimes things are not as you would wish them to be. You wonder why His power cannot strike down the troubles of living. At times like this, remember that although Christ is all powerful, He still works within God's will. God has made better plans than what you and I have made.

God is a spiritual being. But Jesus took on physical form. He lived, He suffered, He died for you, and He arose! He understands you. He understands your hopes and dreams, your fears and disappointments, and what you want to do with the rest of your life. He is always there for you.

And, YES, you CAN have it both ways!

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