Learning From Children

We can learn so much from children. They are more open and honest in their relationships with other people than adults are. Children say what they feel. If they need something, they ask someone for assistance.

When a child needs help, he may make a plea to an authority figure, like "Mom, Tommie is picking on me again. Make him stop!" Or when confronted with an obstacle he may say, "Oh, yeah? Well, I'm going to get my big brother to take care of you!" When a child is confused and hurting, he may cry and ask someone to comfort him.

In our adult lives, we sometimes feel as if Satan is picking on us. Satan wants to tempt us into sin and lead us away from the Lord. He wants to prevent us from doing the Lord's work.

At times like these when Satan is harassing us, we may make a plea to God (the authority figure) and ask God to "make him stop". But it may sometimes seem like God doesn't care enough to do anything about it. Think again! Jesus Christ (the big brother) is there to take on Satan for you. Remember that Christ took on Satan at the cross. And Christ won.

Adults also get confused and they also hurt, just like children. We can ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us toward God's will. The Spirit can lead us away from the confusion. The Spirit can also draw us toward the Father's love and can comfort those who are hurting.

We can learn much from observing children and their straight-forward approach to life. Come to Sunday School and study the Bible. Take a chance on learning. Take a chance on being open to God's Word. Tell God what you are feeling. He is always there for you, waiting to listen and ready to care.

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