Investigate God

We have preconceived notions about what God expects of us. We think God wants us to do certain things to serve Him and to please Him. So we worry if we know which tasks God is assigning to us. And we worry about how we will prepare ourselves for the tasks we think God has assigned to us.

How do we know what God wants us to do? Use your Bible and prayer to determine what God does NOT want you to do. After you have ruled out all the things that are sins, you are free to make up your own mind what you choose to do with your life. Certain gifts and talents that God has given you will shape what you want to do (and what you are able to do), but God seldom dictates what you must do in any given situation.

Why does God let us decide for ourselves, rather than giving everyone a list of responsibilities that he must meet? That would not be a relationship. That would be a job. God does not want to be our employer. God wants to be our provider. He wants to provide physical necessities. But He also wants to provide us with emotional support and spiritual growth. He wants to love us. And He wants us to love Him.

When we search the scriptures for God's truth, when we go to God in earnest prayer, and when we seek counsel from other Christians, what are we really doing? We are investigating God. We are exploring His personality. These investigative and explorative processes are just part of how God chooses to have a relationship with us. They are just part of how God chooses to reveal Himself to us. What tasks we choose to carry out for God (and how dedicated we are at carrying them out) reflect how we choose to reveal ourselves to God.

When you are with a person who you really like, how do you decide what you will do? You do what will bring pleasure to the other person. And you do what will bring pleasure to yourself. Should your relationship with God be any different? First try to do what will bring pleasure to God. Then try to do what will bring pleasure to yourself. After a while, they will be much closer to the same thing. You will both want to do what pleases the other. So you will both do what you can to help the other achieve his goals -- God helps you, and you serve Him. So investigate God. Explore God. And let God reveal His personality to you.

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