Fill In The Blanks

Becoming a Christian is a wonderful experience. But it can also be confusing and frightening at times. A new Christian does not know everything. (Of course, a mature Christian does not know everything, either!) A person who has just turned his life over to Christ does not know what the church expects of him. And, more importantly, he/she does not know what God expects of him.

Do we try to create a mental image of what a Christian should be so that we can "fit in" at church and do what is expected of us? Do we build a skeletal picture of what Christ is like, intending to flesh out the details later? Do we sometimes fail to "fill in the blanks" about who Christ really is?

We just go on pretending to be what we aren't. We hope that no one will notice. We aren't intentionally trying to deceive anyone. But we don't have enough knowledge about God to make a difference in our lives, so we just "make do" with what little knowledge we do have.

The truth of the matter is this: you do NOT have to just "make do" with the knowledge you have. Come to Sunday School to study God's Word. Learn about Jesus, His life, and what He expects of you. You can "fill in the blanks" of that skeletal picture you have of Christ. You can come to know Christ in a more personal way and be made complete through knowing Him.

You don't have to force yourself into some mold to "look right" for other Christians. All you have to do is let God mold you by following the example that Christ has set forth in the Bible. Make the effort to study the Bible daily and pray for understanding. Don't just "make do". Make a difference!

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