Face-to-Face With Jesus

When you see an artist's rendition of Jesus, do you wonder how accurate the picture is? Do you wonder how you will recognize Jesus when you get to Heaven? Does it really matter what Jesus looks like? We cannot go to Heaven with the idea that we are meeting Jesus for the first time. Our relationship with Jesus does not start when we get to Heaven; it starts the first time we heed the urgings of the Holy Spirit and listen to God's voice. When you meet Jesus in Heaven, that meeting will not be a meeting of two strangers. That meeting will be a reunion of two beloved friends.

How can you tell if your relationship with Jesus is that of a beloved friend? My mom has always said that the best way to tell if someone is a true friend is to look at your quiet times with that person. Think about some person you know well. Do you have to entertain each other, like the other person is company? Do you have to fill the silence because you are not comfortable just being with the person without saying something? Do you have to have a reason to spend time together? If you answered, "Yes" to these questions, you may not be as close to the person as you thought you were.

Now apply those same questions to prayer. Do you feel you have to entertain God, or jump through hoops to satisfy Him? Does it make you uncomfortable when you aren't saying anything to God during your prayer time? (Does listening make you nervous?) Do you feel you have to have a reason to spend time with God? If you answered, "Yes" to these questions, you need to loosen up a little. Prayer is not a time to meet some ritualistic requirements of a demanding God. Prayer is a time of reverence and confession. But prayer is also a time of fellowship. Prayer is a time for God and you to enjoy a relationship with each other.

As a Savior, Jesus is concerned about you and wants to remove your sins and help you draw closer to God. Tell Him how you sometimes stumble and how you are growing. Jesus will protect, strengthen, comfort, and encourage you. As a friend, Jesus is interested in you. He is interested in your likes, your dislikes, how you spend your time, and what you think about. Jesus is interested in hearing everything about you. Share your life experiences with Jesus. And He will share the experience of eternal life with you.

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