Becoming More Like Christ

God seems so mysterious. Just when you think you have finally figured out how He works, He starts to work in a new and different way. The learning starts all over again.

Does this mean that God keeps changing so that we have to adapt to Him? No. It means that as we mature as Christians, we are able to see facets of God's personality that we could not see when we were less mature. God does not change. But as we change, our perspective of God does change.

When we give God more control over our lives, we are giving God new areas of our lives to develop. These new areas are new opportunities for God to reveal Himself to us.

As we grow and develop, our goal is to become more like Christ. We must become more obedient to God and less sinful. Naturally, the more we become like Christ, the better we will be able to understand God and the closer our relationships with Him will be.

If your goal is to become more like Christ and closer to God, you need to understand God's Word and the teachings of Jesus. That means reading the Bible, studying it, thinking about what you have read, and applying those lessons to your life -- every day.

You say you don't know where to start? Start with Sunday School. God will reveal to you who He is and how He works in our lives. We can love and serve God much better when we have a clearer understanding of what He expects of us. That understanding does not start with just wishful thinking. It starts with reading the Bible and making the effort to apply what we have learned to our lives. Make that effort by coming to Sunday School this Sunday.

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