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I have lived in several states, ranging from very small towns to metropolitan areas. I earned a Bachelor's Degree at a small liberal arts college in Albany, NY. My coursework concentrated in the areas of Business Management, Accounting/Finance, and Computer Science. I have worked at a bank and a computer software company, first as a COBOL Programmer and then as a Systems Analyst. My wife and I currently reside in Ohio.

I am also the author and webmaster of Radically Free! Quenching the Flames. And also jeffnape.com: A Fascination for Life. And don't miss out on my latest site, Finally Free Forever: Focus of Prayers.

Note from the Author

You are currently at my website named His Love Shines: The Ministry for Christian Discovery, which records my spiritual journey.The articles section of this site contains a collection of articles I wrote for my church's weekly newsletter. I was asked to write these articles to encourage Sunday School attendance. As time passed, it became apparent that God had some other objectives in mind, as well. And I have used the Internet to expand the length and depth of my writings.

These articles are a diary of my own personal experiences. It is also a chronology of the spiritual growth I have seen taking place in other Christians around me.

The subject matter for these articles ranges from the importance of Bible study and prayer to participation at church, witnessing, and ways to share Christ's love. I pray that you will be blessed by reading these articles. I was certainly blessed by the Lord working through me, which enabled me to write them.

In addition to being used as personal devotions, these articles have also been used by ministers for sermon ideas, for Sunday School lessons, on websites, and in other churches' newsletters.

I also wrote the poems in the poetry section, Evangelism: The Ministry of Reconciliation and 9/11 America Under Attack: Poochie Responds. My Dad wrote Bible Reference Aid: Bible Verses by Book.

Statement of Faith

Jeffrey L. Nape

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